App Dudes' Marvel collectibles are a series of smartphone stands that bring your favorite Marvel Avengers to life, including Captain America and Iron Man.

Captain America

During WWII, the frail but courageous Steve Rogers was injected with an experimental Super-Soldier serum, emerging from the treatment as the pinnacle of human physical potential. Outfitted with a patriotic costume & iconic shield, he became the legendary Captain America! Though frozen in ice for decades after a climactic battle, Cap re-emerged in modern times, continuing the battle against evil as leader of the Avengers.

And now you can interact with Captain America in your own home with the App Dudes Smartphone Stand Marvel collectible.

The Captain America Smartphone Stand Features include:

Alarm Clock

Captain America is there to help you start your day.

“Wake up! Evil never sleeps!”

Interactive Touch Screen

Captain America responds with classic reactions when you touch the screen.

“You can’t silence this super soldier!”


Tilt Captain America to get his funny reactions.

“This is gonna be a bumpy landing.”

Random Phrases

Captain America has over 50 animated phrases to keep you entertained.

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