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The App Dudes App brings your favorite Marvel Avenger to life when paired with your App Dudes character (sold separately). App Dudes are a series of 3 Dimensional characters that act as Smartphone Stands. Marvel’s Avengers Iron Man and Captain America are available now. Just 3 Easy Steps: Download the Free App Dudes App, place the smartphone in the character stand and watch as Iron Man or Captain America comes to life!

Alarm Clock

Your Marvel Avenger are there to help you start your day.

“Wake up! There’s world saving to do.”

Interactive Touch Screen

App Dudes also have fun reactions when you touch the screen.

“Hey. Don’t touch the suit.”

The App Dudes smartphone stand brings your favorite Marvel Avengers super heroes to life. Explore our Marvel desk toys and watch them take flight!

Tilt Iron Man and Captain America to get their funny reactions.

“This is gonna be a bumpy landing.”

Random Phrases

Each character has over 50 animated phrases.

“Captain America: Always ready for action!”

The App Dudes App is very easy to use. Just select either Iron Man or Captain America, then launch either Full Mode or Sleep Mode! During the day, you can activate Full Mode where the Alarm Clock, Interactive, Tilting & Random features will all function. When you’re ready for sleep, activate Sleep Mode and only the Alarm Clock features will function so you can rest!