App Dudes' Marvel collectibles are a series of smartphone stands that bring your favorite Marvel Avengers to life, including Captain America and Iron Man.

Iron Man

During a violent kidnapping at the hands of terrorists intent on forcing him to build a bomb, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark suffered a near-fatal chest wound. Instead of the weapon his captors has in mind, Stark constructed a sophisticated metal suit that both stabilized his injury & allowed him to escape. Upon returning home, he vowed to use his resources and intellect to protect the world as the armored hero Iron Man!

And now you can interact with Iron Man in your own home with the App Dudes Smartphone Stand Iron Man collectible.

The Iron Man Smartphone Stand Features include:

Alarm Clock

Iron Man shouts at you to wake up!

“Wake up! There’s world saving to do.”

Interactive Touch Screen

Iron Man responds with witty reactions when you touch the screen.

“Hey. Don’t touch the suit.”


Tilt Iron Man to get his trademark reactions.

“Hmmm. Not entirely stable here.”

Random Phrases

Iron Man has over 50 animated phrases to keep you entertained.

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